Marit Roland (NO), Anders Sletvold Moe (NO), Elin Melberg (NO), Margrethe Aanestad (NO) 
Feb. 15. - March 24., 2019

Produced by Prosjektrom Normanns


Interface director, Suzanne L'Heureux, met Margrethe and Elin at the Untitled Art Fair in 2017 and their booths were positioned next to one another the following year.  Over the past several years, they have developed a relationship and mutual respect for one another’s programming. Both run independent, non profit galleries with a commitment to presenting high quality contemporary art programs. Consequently, L'Heureux has invited them to create a group show at Interface including their own work, in addition to other artists. The invited artists are Anders Sletvold Moe and Marit Roland, both Norwegian established contemporary artists who Aanestad and Melberg have been collaborating with over several years.

Conceptually the works will revolve around abstract expressions of universal existential themes, such as contrasts and dualities between fragility and strength, the eternal and ephemeral, and the liminal space where the human being is in lack of control between those states. In various ways, the artists explore these themes through materials and tactile expressions, from delicate, fragile paper works, solid sculptures to painting and textile.
The title, Vestkyst, literally means "West Coast" in Norwegian and references the artists’ journey from Stavanger, which is on the West Coast of Norway to the West Coast of the United States.

Photo: Hasain Rasheed