An Endless Searching for Substance
Preview MAY 4. 2012 / 6-9pm

«Not too long ago one took it on faith that the final scientific picture
of the world would be beautiful, orderly and simple.» - 
Ralph E. Lapp, 1965

Unstable views upon ourselves and our surroundings are the starting inspiration for Siv Bugge Vatnes first solo exhibition showing sculptural work. The title, An Endless Searching for Substance, is borrowed from the book Matter (Ralph E. Lapp, Life Science Library, 1965). In Bugge Vatnes exhibition the substances behave unexpectedly. Stones act like soft water and physical laws of gravitation are broken.

The small sculptures are fragile and can be interpreted as an analogy to human knowledge as unstable. Thematically the sculptures revolve around breaking perspectives that grows in the stretch between several outer extremes, such as the outer and inner world, and the interweaving of scientific and personal world.

Siv Bugge Vatne (born 1975, Molde) lives and works in Oslo. Her work includes collages, drawings, photos and installations. Her art is recognized by a love for details and an interest in seemingly unimportant things which suddenly appears relevant in a surprising way.  Her work has been included in several private and public collections, such as Ice inside a Cloud # 1, a collage collected by the Swedish Art Council at her last solo exhibition at Galleri 54, Gothenburg Sweden.

Photo: Erik Sæter Jørgensen