PN Projects is a side-series in addition to the main program as a line up of selected exhibitions and projects,  established to give room for ad-hoc programming during the year. It also includes activities such as participation at international art fairs and group shows outside our space in Stavanger.


In addition the exhibition will feature works by the artists behind Prosjektrom Normanns; Margrethe Aanestad and Elin Melberg

Til sommerutstillingen Whistle in the Shadow har vi valgt å invitere med oss fem norske billedkunstnere som Prosjektrom Normanns samarbeider med gjennom nylig og kommende utstillingsprogram. Utvalget av arbeider er gjort i samarbeid med kunstnerne, og består av både maleri, fotografi, tekstil, print og skulptur. 

Vi har hatt som mål å skape en variert og dynamisk utstilling som tematisk relaterer til utfordringene vi ser i dagens samfunn. Et spenn mellom lys og mørke. Flere av verkene undersøker det sårbare, taktile skygger og romlige illusjoner, mens andre tar for seg kampen mellom tilstedeværelse og forfall, det vakre og det brutale, og oppløsning av uskyld og det rene. 

Jordan Rathus (NY), dates TBA
The project is an exchange between Site95 (NY), Torrance Shipman Gallery (NY) and Prosjektrom Normanns

RECENT PN Projects: 

Tommy Ellingsen (NO) 
Preview and book launch APRIL 21., 2016 / 19-21
Opening hours April 23./24. / 12-15

Tommy Ellingsen, 2016

Tommy Ellingsen, 2016


Per Christian Brown (NO)
Benedicte Clementsen (NO)
Elin Melberg (NO)
Kristin Velle-George (NO)
Margrethe Aanestad (NO)

Curated by Prosjektrom Normanns


Transcendental Tactility is a group exhibition curated by Norwegian artist-run space Prosjektrom Normanns that will explore abstract, poetic, and lyric expressions of existence and presence. Showcasing works by Norwegian contemporary artists Per Christian Brown, Benedicte Clementsen, Elin Melberg, Margrethe Aanestad, and Kristin Velle-George, Transcendental Tactility will utilize a variety of media, such as film, painting, textile, sculpture, and drawing. Working with a shared interest in materiality and techniques, artists included in this exhibit will explore personal and universal experience through abstraction. Underlining sensibilities, tactility, and fragility inherent in materials, work included in this exhibit excavates timeless and subjective forms. Transcendental Tactility invites the audience to explore the subjective history within objects, their own subjective perceptions, and larger themes of time and presence.

Recognizing the contradictions within the artists’ work, Transcendental Tactility will serve to highlight the overlapping themes within their practices. Aanestads´ minimalist work revolves around form, spatiality and materiality, which she explores in a contemplative and abstract language. Melberg examines points of intersection–where is the line between being in control and losing control? How much can the materials take before they burst or fray? Placing greater focus on the psychology of color and material, Brown dwells on that which is hidden and exploring micro- and macro-cosms. Clementsen is interested in the man-made, exploring survival strategies and transition rituals that address existential questions, while Velle-George is occupied by the space between human knowledge and imagination, focusing on the physical and metaphysical concepts. An overarching theme of materiality pervades the show, but ultimately the collective narrative created by the artists is ambiguous and the viewer’s perspective and subjectivity becomes key in extracting meaning.

This exhibit is supported in part by a grant from the American-Scandinavian Foundation, Rogaland Municipality and City of Stavanger.

Photo: Tommy Ellingsen

HINDER / JAN. 16.-17. 2016 / 7-9pm. Preview JAN. 14. 2016
Solveig Landa (NO) 

Photo: Tommy Ellingsen

UNTITLED. Art Fair, Miami, FL, Dec. 2.-7., 2015

Lars Morell (NO)
Ane Graff (NO)
Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova (USA)
Kristin Velle-George (NO)
Elin Melberg (NO) 
Margrethe Aanestad (NO)

Prosjektrom Normanns is proud to be seleceted to participate at this years UNTITLED. Art Fair in Miami in December as the only Nordic space at the fair - and for the third year since the fairs inaugural edition in 2012.

The participation is supported by: OCA (Office of Contemporary Art, Norway), Royal General Consulate New York, Rogaland County Council and Stavanger City Council.

Photo: Elin Melberg

Photo: Elin Melberg


UNTITLED. Art Fair, Miami, FL, Dec. 2014

Projectrom Normanns was participating UNTITLED Art Fair in Miami, FL in December 2014 in Section for non-profit spaces.

UNTITLED. Art Fair, Miami, FL, Dec. 2012

Projectrom Normanns was participating UNTITLED Art Fair in Miami, FL in December 2012 in Section for non-profit spaces.

SOMETHING IS TAKING PLACE, Alt_Cph, Copenhagen, DK, Sep 2012

Curated by Marte Danielsen Jølbo and Nicola Markhus from Another Space (CPH) for Prosjektrom Normanns.

BEGINNING, Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway, June 2012 

Tora Dalseng (NO)
Leander Djønne (NO)
Rebecca Mir (US)
Odd Sama (NO)
Sigmund Skard (NO
Monika Wührer (US)

Curated by Jørund Aase Falkenberg and Margrethe Aanestad

The beginning is the most important part of the work – Plato

Six artists are invited to produce a manual for building an art piece. The six manuals are presented in the art space and the audience is invited to build the works themselves. The process of building will occur and develop throughout the exhibition period of one month. The following is available in the space: 500 metres of wooden planks (23×98 mm), hammer, saw, measuring standard and pencil, nails.

The project seeks to create and initiate something that is process based and open for interaction, and also challenge and alter expectations of the exhibition as a format and its content. “Beginning” aims to experiment with and elaborate on the relation between artists, curators and audience.