Confessions of a Wolkswagen
Preview March 16. 2012 / 6-9pm

In ”Confessions of a Volkswagen”, Nils-Thomas Økland presents an installation consisting of two sculptural objects,  which by enclosing each their slide projector, cast what seems to be a series of holiday- or travel-snapshots onto the surrounding walls.The projected images are part of a larger collection of found material, and, investigating this material with a formal rather than a sentimentally interpretative approach, Økland offers a reading where the actual historicity of situations, places and relations are less relevant – and suggests the car, which occur in all of the images, as the main protagonist of this road movie.

This formal attention is also ecchoed in the projecting sculptures, which by closer inspection, reveal themselves as anamorphous or deformed renderings of the car. But, beyond the varnished surface, and transcending a sheer design-fetishization, this set-up evokes a poetic meta-position of auto(self)-inspection, where it´s as if the remainings of the car projects it´s own memories.

–Kenneth Varpe

Nils-Thomas Økland (b. 1981) is a Norwegian contemporary artist who lives and works in Sandnes, Norway. He graduated with a BFA from Falmouth College of Arts (now University College Falmouth) in England in 2005.Økland works mainly with installation, and across several disciplines in art. Even though his installations incorporate elements from different traditions, he always keeps a very sculptural approach to his work, weather they are drawings, photography or even sound. Øklands work is often presenting the viewer with something, or at least parts of something, which on one hand seems rather familiar, but at the same time also seems foreign and unknown due to certain displacements and juxtapositions of sculptural bricolage. Økland often deprives his objects of a proposed function, and with that, shifts the work from being an object for physical interaction to rather being an object for contemplation.

Photo: Erik Sæter Jørgensen