Textures of Place
Preview AUG 22., 2014 / 6-9pm

We are never truly objective, we understand the world through a subjective consciousness established early in our lives. As we live and work in a new place, the materials sourced and the ideas that manifest begin to reflect not one place but two—a physical place and a conscious place. The idea for Textures ofPlace, is the interplay of these two places. The process of making new works as the physical place and conscious place change drastically.

Frances Trombly began this exchange consciously as she worked on a long piece of fabric incorporating traditional Scandinavian weaving patterns. Her process began long before our arrival in Stavanger. Consciously she was here but physically she was laboring in Miami. As she worked, the composition for Scandinavian Patterns with Canvas was made in an automatist like manner. Every mistake in the weaving process triggered her to change pattern and color. These events yielded a minimal horizontal composition emulating a recording of time and labor that leaves us a sculpture with a reference to how history builds on itself in a random and sometimes chaotic way—a series of cause and effects.

In contrast, Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova began his research upon arrival in Stavanger. His interest was in the switching of the physical place and how the conscious would respond. His practice is interested in domestic architecture and the influences of global economic systems on specific communities. Rodriguez-Casanova uses readily available domestic building materials, coupled with found ones, to assemble sculptural compositions that recontextualize these utilitarian objects. In Stavanger, his color palette was slightly altered and the measurement systems altered the scale of his arrangements. Intrigued as to how similar the materials and systems are to those in the U.S.—they also show us the subtle impact of a vast regional history.

Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova (b. 1973 Havana, Cuba) is based in Miami, FL, United States. He attended Ringling School of Art and New World School of the Arts both in Florida. He recently participated in a solo project titled Zona Maco Mexico Arte Contemporaneo: Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova presented by the Alejandra von Hartz Gallery, Mexico City (2014) and Impact and Legacy: 50 Years of the Cintas Foundation, MDC Museum of Art & Design, Miami (2014). Rodriguez-Casanova is currently working towards Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova: Intimate Material Systems, a solo exhibition at the Alejandra von Hartz Gallery, Miami. He co-directs Dimensions Viariable, an artist-run space in Miami.

Frances Trombly (b. 1976 Miami, FL, USA) is based in Miami, FL, United States. She received a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD. She recently exhibited a solo project Frances Trombly: Over and Under at Locust Projects, Miami (2013), included in Americana: Formalizing Craft, Perez Art Museum Miami (2013) and united states, The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, CT (2012). Trombly is currently working on a solo project at the MDC Museum of Art & Design, Miami and the Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Los Angeles. She co-directs Dimensions Variable, an artist-run space in Miami.

Photo: Marie von Krogh