Violence of Silence
Video Screening Feb 9. 2012

If ordinary life back home is becoming increasingly virtual what about traveling, is it still a way to strive for authenticity? No. Traveling is the most advanced form of role playing game. Because the game is your life and the character you’re playing is you. Camus, in his writing is talking about the actor and is using the traveler as the worst form of acting. Because the traveler is making a theater of his life. Violence of Silence is created in the aftermath of the Vietnam war, the mood still lingering in the air, and when the generation of the great depression arrives here the filmmaker gathers, like a vampire: the nihilistic, the beautiful, and the absurd. To create a discussion between this triangle of moods. The movie is in flux between nature and grace, and so never ends. The movie is not made for us, but is a portrait of us, for future generations. Be self-conscious. Be very self-conscious. What kind of ordinary sins wouldn’t hit you like Sisyphus’s rock if left alone on alien shores or fields? How dependent are you not?


«You know, if you write, you know.. Or you film, or you take pictures, or you paint, or you do any of these things you have to consider the world. And how they perceive what you`re doing. If it`s irrelevant or not. And if you`re making something out of yourself, even as a human being, basically.. You know, as a human being attempting to make whatever everybody else would accept, you know, bring in the crowd and everything, you`re basically working for a world that doesn`t exist, because people don`t want that. People want to see the real shit.. Well, these days at least»

«But that brings us back to the beginning.»


«That brings us back to the beginning of the conversation. You know. You want to give people what they want to see.»

«If I want to do that?»

«Well, if you`re worried about their perception. If you`re worried about giving people what they want. And by maybe in doing so compromising your own.. eh..»