MAY. 20. - JUNE 16., 2017
Preview MAY 19. 2017 / 7-9pm

Julie Schenkelberg creates large-scale semi-permanent installations using discarded domestic materials, such as concrete, copper and rusted metal, and repurposed wood. Her work draws on her personal story and imagery of the post-industrial ruins of her hometown area. This takes place in neglected homes, abandoned buildings, or even in the gallery space.
"IMPART is about the sharing of textural information. The installation is composed of material specific to Stavanger. Most of the materials were collected by request, it became a unified effort by many people to complete the installation. The natural materials were taken from personal gardens, beaches and from parks around Stavanger. The materials make this piece very specific to this place and experience. My work creates imagery that feels strangely familiar yet forgotten to all viewers. This installation is a collection of my own personal memories combined with the environment of the region and our collective human story. I reevaluate the materials and memories recreating a story of healing through the materials.”-
 Jullie Schenkelberg

Photo: Jan Inge Haga