Preview JUNE 15. 2012 / 6-9pm

The word obscureimplies a hiding or veiling of meaning through some inadequacy of expression, or withholding of full knowledge – thus having an often intentionally veiled or uncertain meaning. Obscure also indicates something that is not widely known, being without light or to make dark, dim or indistinct.

With this word as a point of departure, Ingeborg Kvame is entering a two-week process, leading up to the opening on June 15, 2012.

Ingeborg Kvame (born 1978) lives and works in Stavanger. She works mainly with drawing, painting and printmaking. Her work deals with themes such as identity and other existential issues. Kvame recently received the 2012 cultural grant for visual art from Stavanger municipality.

Photo: Erik Sæter Jørgensen