MARCH 17. - APRIL. 15., 2018
Preview MARCH 16. 2018 / 7-9pm

The exhibition Helpless As Tortoises at Prosjektrom Normanns is a site specific project, where the main piece in the installation - the film Soft Armour - was produced for the guest play by UKS at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo, that opened December 2017. Soft Armour focuses on a disastrous attempt to restage a medieval joust at a Scottish castle in Ayrshire in 1839. This gothic reenactment, entitled The Eglinton Tournament after its initiator Earl Eglinton, was flooded by both a torrential downpour - disabling most of the chivalric acts - and by the unexpected turnout of around 100,000 spectators; in hindsight making this a milestone of mischief in failing to making fantasy and reality meet.

About the exhibition Helpless As Tortoises, Tenvik writes: I am interested in the difference between having one part of the mind in the world, and one world in the mind. In the history about the Ellington Tournament initiated by Earl Eglington in Scotland in 1839, this is what I saw: A dream about a medieval joust and a collapse when it was about to come alive. The walls in Prosjektrom Normanns show us the heraldic roses representing the knights’ ideals. The clouds build up under the human impulse to dream away from reality, or are they full of rain drops? The floor is covered by sawdust and some handfulls of potpourri - a mix of the spirit of sporty chivalry and decadence. At the same time, the film "Soft Armour" is shown in loop, where we meet Earl Eglington at his party where he has gathered friends to create the party of all times, but realizes that what he had pictured in his mind did not match reality. He withdraws, while the guests disappear into an ecstatic dance before they leave the party.

Constance Tenvik (b. 1990) is a Norwegian Artist based in Oslo and Berlin. She holds an MA from Yale University School of Art in Connecticut, USA, and BA from Kunstakademiet in Oslo. Tenvik has recently exhibited at Kunstnernes Hus and UKS in Oslo (Myk Harnisk); Loyal Gallery i Stockholm (Gesamtkunst With Myself); The medieval fort Fortezza Vecchia i Livorno via LINC (Tableau Vivant Action); Deli Projects in Basel (Eye of the Tired); Kristiansand Kunsthall (Game of Life III: Juliusvariasjonene). One of her upcoming exhibitions will be at Astrup Fearnley Museum in Oslo, 2019.

Photo: Jan Inge Haga