January 2018! We will be part of the second edition of Untitled San Francisco, together with Kunsthall Stavanger and Rogaland kunstsenter!

Artnews announces the Exhibitors List for the Second Edition of the Untitled San Francisco Art Fair, taking place at Palace of Fine Arts: "This January marks the second time the Untitled art fair, which has been popping up in Miami Beach each December since 2012, will stage a show in San Francisco, that burgeoning market hub. This time around, there are 47 exhibitors from nine countries for a fair to run January 12-14, 2018, at the city’s Palace of Fine Arts."
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Artists: Jan Christensen, Ingeborg Kvame, Ole Martin Lund Bø, Anders Sletvold Moe, Ingrid Toogood, Siv Bugge Vatne, Elin Melberg, Margrethe Aanestad


Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco


April 18. 2017: Prosjektrom Normanns at Kunstsnakk #8, at The National Museum in Oslo, Norway

Prosjektrom Normanns are invited to do at talk the National Art Museum in Oslo on April 18., 2017 (6-7.30pm). Kunstsnakk #8 will be at Mellomstasjonen, as is a conversation with Sabrina van der Ley, director of dep. of contemporary art, where we will talk about the various aspects of Prosjektrom Normanns as an artist run space, and also our individual practices as artists. For more information click here (in Norwegian).


Photo: Jan Inge Haga


March 28., 2017: On Art Fairs / Omar Lopez-Chahoud (USA) in conversation with Geir Haraldseth (NO) at Kunsthall Stavanger

Curator Lopez-Chahoud is curating the upcoming show at Prosjektrom Normanns; "Dios, Union, Libertad" (God, Unity, Liberty) by the art collective The Fire Theory from San Salvador. He is in Stavanger this week, and we have teamed up with Rogaland kunstsenter and Kunsthall Stavanger to learn more about his practice. 

He is based in New York and head of the curatorial team behind Untitled Art Fair – an international curated art fair for contemporary art which was held for the first time on Miami Beach in 2012 during Art Basel Miami. Since then Untitled has taken place annually in Miami, and was extended to include San Francisco in January 2017. The artist run gallery Prosjektrom Normanns has attended Untitled four times, both in Miami and San Francisco. 

Lopez-Chahoud will first make a brief presentation of Untitled and the emergence and history of the art fair. In a subsequent conversation with Geir Haraldseth, general manager at Rogaland Art Centre, we will talk about what it takes to execute a trade on an international scale, as well as speculate on what is needed in Stavanger.

The event is a collaboration between Kunsthall Stavanger, Rogaland kunstsenter and Prosjektrom Normanns. 

Ann Iren Buan, Drifters (2015), at Untitled Art Fair in San Francisco 2017, presented by Prosjektrom Normanns. Photo: Elin Melberg

Ann Iren Buan, Drifters (2015), at Untitled Art Fair in San Francisco 2017, presented by Prosjektrom Normanns.
Photo: Elin Melberg

Prosjektrom Normanns will participate at the Untitled Art Fair in San Fransisco in January 2017

We are proud to announce our participation at Untitled UNTITLED Art Fair San Fransisco in January 13.-15. 2017. We will present works by Ann Iren Buan (NO) and Jan Christensen (NO). Together with SCHLOSS Oslo, we are the only participants from Scandinavia. We are also selected to present one of the special projects at the fair called Monuments, with the installation "Drifters" by Ann Iren Buan.

Prosjektrom Normanns to Open Source Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, February 2016

Trancendenal Tactility is a group exhibition produced by Prosjektrom Normanns for Open Source gallery opening February 13., 2016. This exhibition is the first in a serie through 2016 where Open Source exhibits collectives in their network from across the globe. Trancendenal Tactility will present work by the Norwegian artists Per Christian Brown, Benedicite Clementsen, Elin Melberg, Kristin Velle-George and Margrethe Aanestad. 

Per Christian Brown, Material Colors 1, 60x75 cm, C-print, 2015

Per Christian Brown, Material Colors 1, 60x75 cm, C-print, 2015

Prosjektrom Normanns highlighted as one of the most interesting and dynamic spaces in Norway in 2015 summary:

Stavanger Aftenblad: Prosjektrom Normanns is highlighted in art critic Trond Borgens´ annual summary, described as one of the most interesting and dynamic spaces in Norway today: 
(In English below)

"Det er intet mindre enn et lite under, det som etter hvert har vokst fram gjennom utstillingsvirksomheten til Prosjektrom Normanns. Med små midler, og etter hvert støtte fra kulturrådet, og med intelligent utnyttelse av kunstnettverk, har dette kunstnerstyrte visningsstedet klart å gi kunstpublikum varierte utstillinger, alltid av høy kvalitet. For hvert nye besøk her kan du oppleve rommet på en ny måte, enten det er amerikanske Franklin Evans, som bearbeidet veggene i en slags stream-of-consciousness teknikk, hvor alt han har gjort, sett og tenkt skulle med, eller colombianske Pedro Gómez-Egaña som skapte en bevegelig - og bevegende - skulptur kalt Hastighetens hitorie, to dansere i en suggerende performance til Saties repetitive musikk. Magiske rom er hva vi får i Prosjektrom Normanns, gang etter gang; i løpet av de siste par årene er dette visningsstedet utviklet til et av de mest dynamiske og interessante i Norge." - Utdrag fra kunstkritiker Trond Borgens anmeldelse av kunståret 2015, Stavanger Aftenblad

"The history of Prosjektrom Normanns and how it has been developing through its exhibition program is nothing short of amazing. With small resources initially, and by and by with support from the Norwegian Art Council, combined with an intelligent use of their own network, this artist-run space has managed to offer its audience a variety of art which is always of high quality. With each new visit to Prosjektrom Normanns you will discover the space anew; as when the American artist Franklin Evans refashioned the room in a sort of stream-of-consciousness technique, where all that he had ever done, seen and thought seemed to be included, or when the Colombian artist Pedro Gómez-Egaña created a kinetic - and evocative-  sculpture called History of Velocity, with two dancers creating a mezmerizing performance, accompanied by Satie’s repetitive music. Magical spaces are what we get from Prosjektrom Normanns, time and time again. During the last couple of years this space has developed into one of the most interesting and dynamic exhibition spaces in Norway." - Excerpt from the art critic Trond Borgen's review of the art year 2015 in Stavanger Aftenblad, Norway

Pedro Gómez-Egaña, The History of Velocity, 2015
Photo: Tommy Ellingsen

Prosjektrom Normanns is going to UNTITLED. Art Fair, Miami Beach, FL, 2015 with Ane Graff (NO) and Lars Morell (NO)

We will be at booth C15 at UNTITLED. Art Fair, so come by if you are in Miami for the fairs!

At the 2015 UNTITLED. Art Fair, we are featuring works by the Norwegian contemporary artists Ane Graff and Lars Morell, in addition to presenting works by the founders of Prosjektrom Normanns. The booth at UNTITLED. will also feature a special collaboration with Miami-based artist Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova, who has built a site- specific sculptural intervention for the show.

We are also collaborating with the NY-based curator and writer Ian Cofre, who will be our Associate Director at the booth.

We are proud to be able to participate - thanks to support from Office of Contemporary Art (OCA), Oslo, through the ISGIES grant. Also huge thanks to The Royal Norwegian Consulate General, Stavanger kommune and Rogaland fylkeskommune.


Prosjektrom Normanns participated at this symposium in Bergen, Norway, about artist run spaces - Oct. 31.-Nov 1., initiated and hosted by Tag-Team

Vil du være med i samtalen om det kunstnerstyrte feltet? Den kommende helgen, lørdag 31. oktober og søndag 1. november, holder Tag Team Studio symposiet Studio Talks. Med utgangspunkt i presentasjoner av en rekke visningssteder, ønsker vi å diskutere mulighetene som finnes i organiseringen av plattformer for kunst. Med oss har vi Threewalls fra Chicago, Praxes fra Berlin, og ikke minst et spennende utvalg aktører fra Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger og Trondheim. Detaljert program kan du finne nettsidene våre.

Maid’s Medium: A Conversation with Lars Morell and Elin Melberg on CAS

Norwegian artist Lars Morell recently collaborated with Prosjektrom Normanns in Stavanger to present the exhibition Maid's Medium, a grid-like installation of painted panels and dangling sculptural silhouettes. The works combine to create an immersive environment that casts a somber and mysterious mood over the space its audiences. CAS Editor Heather Jones speaks with Morell and Prosjektrom Normanns member Elin Melberg, who curated the exhibition.

Read the interview here!